The blockchain offers a new model of digital identification very protective in terms of individual freedoms and access to personal data. A national or supra-national digital identity system based on blockchain technology would thus allow the relevant information relating to an individual to be transmitted to the administration, to the provider ... who would make the request without the person concerned having to broadcast more of personal information as necessary or to multiply the accounts with identifiers (current model "in silos"). An individual would transmit his personal data to a competent authority who would validate them and issue a certificate recorded on a blockchain. It would then allow access to all or part of the certificate to the third party in need of one or more personal data. For example, if a service is accessible only to the inhabitants of a given geographical area, the certificate issued to the service provider would confirm the individual's address without having to give all the information usually found on an identity card or an invoice. This certificate may not even indicate the address but simply state that the individual lives in the area.


Global IDchain

  • Private Blockchain to protect users’ data and ensure security;
  • Data will be spread across thousands of nodes and will be encrypted, unfalsifiable and indestructible;
  • Each personal data is encoded within a specific block:
    • name and surname,
    • date and place of birth,
    • gender and status (single, married,divorced, widowed…),
    • social Insurance Number,
    • passport or ID card number,
    • blood group, rare sickness,
    • address, state, country,
    • studies, degrees, trainings,
    • etc;
  • Each user will have an internal cryptocurrency wallet to buy/sell data;
  • Every access to data-blocks can be restricted to authorization and/or crypto-payment;
  • Data are updatable by right-owners through smart-contract after transactional consensus.


Data Portability

For a more secure biometric identification including a very high protection of your private data, we elaborate a new technology named Global ID 3D Finger Vein.

Pr Lambert Sonna

CEO of Global ID
Lambert Sonna