3D Finger Vein sensor

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3D Finger Vein ID consists in a reliable biometric authentication system based on an innovative 3D reconstruction and matching method.

Revolutionizing ID systems

With 3D analysis, the risk of counterfeits is essentially non-existent since we all have different veins. The vein scanner identifies someone when they place their index finger on the sensor.

Protecting your private life

A key aspect of verifying someone’s identity using biometrics is protecting their private information. 

3D FingerVein sensor 1.0

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3D Finger Vein Recognition


2D to 3D Finger Vein Reconstruction


Our Story

Consortium between
three specialized swiss labs

The idea of optimizing the existing means of identification and authentication, and providing more security to elaborate biometric data processed. IT Services in collaboration with the CTI have developed a new product in 2013 and created the company Global ID in 2015.

Global ID's main goal is to bring to market an innovative new technology to reliably identify people using biometric 3D vein finger data. The new technology addresses the major disadvantages of current technologies, namely reliability, robustness and high cost. The team builds on years of research in Swiss universities in biometrics, and adding knowledge to do business in the developing world, to create a very interesting proposal.

Our Vision

High level of security
and privacy

The use of biometric data as a means of authentication is increasingly perceived by users for many reasons. At Global ID we focus on the privacy of data that is processed blindly, we offer products and services that guarantee a high level of security and privacy. The LASEC laboratory from EPFL brings his specialization in cryptology to secure private data which can be recognized only by a certified and authorized system. That is why this technology reach requirements from the most demanding clients like banks, airports, hospitals (for personal or for patients),  governments or non-government organizations.

This is our vision ! We guarantee the confidentiality of the processed data and develop products at low cost.


3D Finger Vein: a more secure biometric identification

We deploy a homomorphic encryption technique that allows us to process your information without deciphering it and the result remains usable. With the 3D image of your fingers, our sensors and software build a scan of your finger vein that will allow you to identify yourself in the following.

The novelty of the innovation lies in the application of 3D technology to finger vein recognition in order to solve current biometric security issues in the healthcare sector while ensuring user privacy and providing access control as a key market application.

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